CORSICA life story

CORSICA sighting in Galicia, 2015

CORSICA, the orca found dead off the coast of Lagos, Portugal. the 2022/03/17.

Belonged to the group in which the grandmother TOÑI is present. With an estimated age of 50 years, she is considered the oldest killer whale in the Iberian killer whale population.

It is estimated that CORSICA would now be between 20-22 years old, so she must have been born around the year 2000-2002, she is the second daughter of MUESCA.

CORSICA sighting in Galicia, 2015

CORSICA had three known offspring. SONRISA was her first offspring, born in 2014. Normally there is a gap of four years in between calves, but as SONRISA did not survive it first year of life, CORSICA had its second calf in 2017 it was named MATTEO, and it 2021 she had ISA.

CORSICA was a regular in the waters of the Strait and belonged to the groups that learned to depredate on lines of fishermen. She was observed traveling north in the fall of 2015, in Galicia, and in 2017 off the central Portuguese coast. She is known to travel with GLADIS BLANCA, albeit in years prior to 2020, the start of interactions with the vessels.

CORSICA is not qualified as a GLADIS, she was not observed involved in the events of interactions with vessels, with any type of ship. Although her offspring, MATTEO and ISA were observed following the stern of small boats, but not sailboats, nor did they break anything.