It should be noted that cetaceans have been protected in Portugal since 1981 (Decree-Law nº 263/81) and by several international conventions. It is important to pay attention to the following aspects in order to prevent / avoid disturbing situations, as we all contribute to the preservation of these species:

1. Whale wathing vessels must maintain the safeguard distances to animals while observing them, for example, it is forbidden for more than three platforms to remain within a radius of 100 m around the nearest cetacean or group of cetaceans (for more information see Decree-Law no. 9/2006, of 6 January);

2. As with previous vessels, recreational vessels must be cautious when sailing with cetaceans or turtles nearby, to avoid collisions or injuries in them, avoiding the approach or pursuit of animals and following the distances referred to in the decree identified above;

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