From the first information on the interactions, efforts were made to compile graphic information and three specimens were immediately recognised as recurring in the events with the ships. They were named the GLADIS after one of their first vernacular names Orca gladiator, and this colloquial name was transferred to the media, but also to the nomenclature for the identification of the specimens.

Here you will see the identification of the fourteen GLADIS known until now, when they were observed for the first time, what relationship they have between them and their character of action before an interaction.

Thus, the most interacting orcas in 2020 have been named: GLADIS NEGRA-GN, BLANCA-GB and GRIS-GG and were previously observed in the Strait, with the BLACK and GREY being juveniles and the BLANCA being an adult female. In addition to these, a total of nine specimens were identified in 2020 as participants in the interactions: GLADIS DALILA-GD, LAMARI-GL, CLARA-GC, HERBILLE-GH, FILABRES-GF and PEQUE-GP, although they participated in the interactions, they did not play such a direct role and were merely companions or observers.

Subsequently, in 2021, five more orcas were identified: GLADIS ISA-GI, ESTRELA-GE and MATTEO-GM, ALBARRACÍN-GA, TARIK-GT, making a total of fourteen specimens.

The content of this information is an extract from the document: Alfredo López Fernández and Ruth Esteban Pavo (Coord). 2021. Report on the Elaboration of a scientific study on the interaction of the Orca (Orcinus orca) population in the Strait of Gibraltar with vessels for the design and proposal of prevention, action and management measures. Atlantic Killer Whale Working Group-GTOA/Coordinadora para o Estudo dos Mamíferos Mariños-CEMMA. LIFE INTEMARES project. Biodiversity Foundation.

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