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Creating the bases of the project

Territorial bases of FriendSHIP orcas, from La Linea to Hondarribia: participatory workshops.

One of the objectives of the FriendSHIP orcas project, a citizen network for the protection and conservation of a unique and threatened population: the Iberian orcas, is to be able to reach the entire Iberian Atlantic and Cantabrian coast. For this reason, workshops will be designed to be able to work with the strong ideas of orca conservation with a diverse public, between Andalusia and the Basque Country.

In this sense, the project director Dr. Alfredo López, associate researcher at the University of Aveiro and head of the CEMMA Environmental Education section, visited the towns of Tarifa and Algeciras, meeting with members and collaborators of the GTOA: Ezequiel Cazalla, Eva Nereide, Cristina Martín and Rocío Espada, in the month of August. Later he visited Lluarca and Suances where he held meetings with Luís Laria from Parque de la Vida and Manena Fayos, representatives of the GRAMPUS entity of Cantabria and the University of Euskadi for the preparation of the northern workshops.

The objective of these meetings is to specify fixed points for the dissemination of the information generated by the project, posters, informative material, guides, etc., and to establish at these points the central dissemination activities that will be the dynamic and participatory workshops with the public.

During the first half of 2023, the informative materials will be designed and in the second semester the round of territorial activities will begin.

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