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Presentation of the new materials in Vigo

Last Thursday, April 11, the presentation of the new materials produced within the Friendship orcas project, financed by the Santander Foundation, took place at the Río Lagares Cultural Space.

We had the pleasure of having Sara Bermúdez, Pepe Carreiro, Victor Tizón and Tokio on this day.

Pepe Carreiro, creator and illustrator of Los Bolechas, presented a new edition this time about orcas. The story is about the Bolechas reading a story before going to sleep, relating to the biology of orcas and interactions with sailboats. <<Orcas, relatives of our mammalian family>>.

Alfredo López, known in the world of illustration as Tokio, presented the book Salseiro, which deals with the biology and interactions of orcas, offering a small explanatory comic as well as some information related to the project. <<If I could be next to a cetacean, I would like to be next to the orca>>. The salseiro includes several illustrations by different artists, such as Sara Bermúdez, Víctor Tizón, Manel Cráneo, Emma Ríos and Cristina Otero.

Victor Tizón created several images interpreting human superiority over the rest of living beings, in addition to the sensationalism of the press. << In the window of Mr. Homo sapiens' business, there is, stuck in blood, a sign that reads: "Orcas. Total liquidation.">>

Sara Bermúdez created an illustration of an orca flying through the sky. <<Let us search on earth for the same thing that we long to find in the universe and science will reveal to us beings more intelligent than we dare to suspect and a greater understanding of them.>>

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