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Emma Ríos in the FriendSHIP orcas project

Comics author who forms halfway between architecture and self-publishing. After doing commissioned work for publishers such as Marvel or DC, she turned to increasingly personal works starting in 2014 under the Image Comics imprint.

The most characteristic books of her are: I.D. as complete author, the two volumes of Mirror: El reflejo de la montaña and El nido with the Malaysian author Hwei Lim and the three volumes of Bella Muerte with the writer Kelly Sue DeConnick, all published in Spain by Editorial Astiberri. She has also co-edited Island magazine and done various illustrator jobs for renowned clients such as SIE or Prada. She has received several nominations and awards, including the Eisner Award for Best Cover Artist in 2020.

Currently included in the FriendSHIP orcas project, she is drawing a series of pictures related to orcas for the project, which seeks the conservation and management of the subpopulation of Iberian orcas in danger of extinction.

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