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Friend SHIP Lucien

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

Lucie Leprince is a science communicator who recently finished her degree and started a YouTube channel where she mainly talks about science and culture. She also sails, and last summer she was sailing from Corsica to Brittany with her family aboard a sailboat. The trip was being magnificent until off the coast of Portugal, some orcas met the crew.

It was on August 30, 2022 just two years after the first interactions in Galicia, the Gladis returned to the north touching boats without ceasing. In this way they interacted with the sailboat and broke the rudder.

The crew filmed the scene, essential information for the GTOA team, which helped Lucie make a video for YouTube that combined her encounter with the orcas with an interview with a scientist specializing in the study of this behaviour. In this case with Dr. Paula Méndez from the National Marine Mammal Research Center of La Rochelle, member of GTOA.

Lucie's goal is to try to provide information to improve knowledge of their behaviuor, but also to raise awareness about the importance of protecting this orca subpopulation.

Here you have the result, a high-quality graphic material made with great respect, affection and sensitivity.

Congratulations Lucy.

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