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Pepe Carreiro in FriendSHIP orcas

Pepe Carreiro is one of the greatest cartoonists in Galicia, very active in graphic humor and comics, creator of the successful series OS BOLECHAS. As a graphic comedian he was the founder of the humor magazine Can sen Dono. He was also the founder of the satirical magazine XO! "the voice that stops the wild beasts". He cartoonist, screenwriter and children's illustrator.

On television, he is the author and scriptwriter of the series Os Bolechas, which is broadcast on TVG at Club Xabarín. He collaborates in the children's and youth newspaper O Papagaio. As a graphic and advertising designer, he worked as a draftsman and art director in various advertising agencies in Vigo. He founded his own agency in Vigo with other partners. As a graphic designer, in addition to developing this work in agencies, he has had his own studio since the 90s.

Currently included in the FriendSHIP orcas project, he is making a new publication of Os Bolechas to bring the orcas closer to the little ones in the house. This project is financed by the Santander Foundation.

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