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Safety at sea workshop

On June 16, a workshop on orcas was held at the Castillo de Santa Cruz, CEIDA facilities. The objective of this workshop was to publicize the ecobiology of the Iberian orcas, the interactions with the boats and the vanguard of the debates and activities proposed in the line of their conservation.

This workshop was aimed at people who work in the different areas of navigation and marine safety: maritime rescue, civil guard, civil protection, red cross, port authorities, yacht clubs, Galician coast guard, navy...

The workshop lasted 4 hours, and included the participation of Dr. Ruth Esteban from GTOA, Dr. Alfredo López from CEMMA and GTOA, Bernardo Viqueira from Salvamento Marítimo de A Coruña, Román Paz from Cruz Roja A Coruña, Eliseo Pacheco from the Nautical School of A Coruña, Marina Sequeira from the Portuguese Government and Mónica González from CEMMA and GTOA.

The link is available at .

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