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FriendSHIP orcas on Social Networks

FriendSHIP orcas, in multiconnection

The divulgation of scientific information is the main objective of the FriendSHIP orcas project, a citizen network for the protection and conservation of a unique and threatened population: the Iberian orcas, trying to reach a wide target audience.

That is why we try to advance the coverage of social networks:

The GTOA already had a website that was improved in format, design, and content, making it more versatile, agile, and friendly. Other tools such as Twitter and Instagram were also opened.

Soon we will open the YouTube channel to publish some video material that we design or even the activities carried out.

Part of the material that we make public is translated into several languages, such as Spanish, English, French and Portuguese, always having a special interest in including Galician as a vehicular language to increase scientific production in our Galician language. But we try to incorporate some materials also in German and in those languages in which our collaborators from all over the world want us to put them and help us in this task, the original base materials are open to this type of collaboration.

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