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Manel Craneo in FriendSHIP orcas

Manel Craneo. A Coruña, 1973. Multimedia artist with a broad background in various disciplines.

As a comic author and illustrator, he has contributed to numerous publications and collective volumes. Worked for publishers such as Richmond Publishing, Usborne, Santillana, Galaxia, Xerais, Porto Editora, Edelvives ou Everest, and for production companies such as Continental, Portozás Visión and Mondotropo. He collaborates with numerous advertising agencies and was artistic director of the 110th anniversary campaign for Estrella Galicia. He publishes the "Planeta Mincha" section in the weekly hobbies supplement (La Voz de Galicia). He was president of AGPI and vice president of FADIP. He is responsible for DEMO Editorial.

Outstanding works

· Corona-bios (graphic humor), Editorial Demo, 2020

· Fate Hërgüss (comic), Editorial Demo, 2015

· A fraga Milmañas (comic), Demo Editorial, 2013

· Cousas de mortos (comic), Demo Editorial, 2012

· Os lobos de Moeche (comic), Editorial Demo, 2009-2015

Dámsmitt (comic), Dibbuks, 2006


· Help for the creation of a desired band, Xunta de Galicia, 2010

· Selected at the Bratislava Biennale, 2005

· San Andrés de Rabanedo Comic Contest Award, León, 2004

· National Comic Award about Federico García Lorca, Granada, 1998

At this moment he is working on a new publication of "Carmela Orzán environmental detective" within the Friendship orcas project. Accompanied by her pet "A gata Cristi", this time they will search for the mysteries of orcas.

Manel Craneo on the net:

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