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Orcas return to the Strait

With the begining of the year 2023 we maintained a certain calm regarding the presence of orcas along the entire coast, they had long since headed towards the north of Galicia but we still received some sightings on the Portuguese coast. The entry of a large group into the southern area of the Strait of Gibraltar, after the Three Kings festivity, led us to issue a precautionary alert in the traffic light recommendations, shortly after the first interactions were received. In a few days we received the first interactions. In the images received we were able to observe the Gladis Negra accompanied by her family, although we were unable to find out which one approached those ships.

Although we do not know the exact wintering places, we imagine that in their pursuit of the tuna they follow it to where the abyssal plains become a border for the orcas that do not trespass, retracing their steps to the south and towards the African platform looking for the reunion with a new litter of tunas. These are the new tunas of the 2023 season that seek to enter the Mediterranean to continue their life cycle. Thus begins a new season of orcas in the Strait.

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