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Presentation of the new materials in A Coruña

Last Tuesday, May 7, the presentation of the new materials developed within the Friendship orcas project, financed by the Santander Foundation, took place at the Durán Loriga Library, A Coruña. We had the pleasure of having Emma Ríos, Manel Cráneo and Tokio on this day.

Emma Ríos, known worldwide as an illustrator for Marvel and DC, created several watercolor prints about orcas, representing the harmony between media, and the reflection of the orcas in the human mirror. <<Orcas are not the mirror of our humanity>>.

Alfredo López, known in the world of illustration as Tokio, presented the book Salseiro, which deals with the biology and interactions of orcas, offering a small explanatory comic as well as some information related to the project. <<If I could be next to a cetacean, I would like to be next to the orca>>. The salseiro includes several illustrations by different artists, such as Sara Bermúdez, Víctor Tizón, Manel Cráneo, Emma Ríos and Cristina Otero.

Manel Cráneo, author, illustrator and head of DEMO Editorial, presented his book Environmental Detective: The Case of the Orcas, an activity book for children that seeks to decipher the reason why orcas interact with sailboats, with the help of agent Carmela Orzán and her cat Cristi. << They are not whales, nor are they killers, they just fulfill their function on the planet we share. Let's call them by their name. Let's respect the orcas>>.

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